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KLOUT & the power of a tiny tribe.

KLOUT & the power of a tiny tribe.

Ahhh Klout.  Here’s where, were I not a misfit, you might find some sort of disclaimer proffered about varying circumstances etc. Ive got none such disclaimer.  I do think KLOUT rocks as no other metric illuminates the power of a TINY TRIBE.

To be a blogger is to be continually asked to prove your worth.

Each time we pitch/are approached by a brand (a post for a different day. if life is like dating—which I contend it is—I never ‘get’ why brands ask US out & then demand our numbers.  It begs a response of: But wait. You wanted to date *me* I didnt as you out!).w

We’re repeatedly asked about blog analytics.

How many visitors we receive daily.

How many uniques we receive daily.

How many page views we receive monthly.

How many how many how many.

My first indication a brand partnership is not for me is when they seek these specific numbers upon first encounter.

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lemmie check. nope. not a fit.

Sure analytics are important (a semblance of them are publicly available places like yet they only tell a fraction of the story.

There’s power in a tiny tribe.

Pause for a moment and consider to whom you look for recommendations or advice.

If you’re anything like I am it’s someone who has consistently offered solid information, who’s earned your trust, and whom you see as remarkably similar to you.

There’s power in a tiny tribe.

Klout, for this blogger, is precisely like fitness.

There are no shortcuts.

There are no quick tricks.

The only way to get there (if by “there” you mean living a longer, healthier life which I do) is consistency.

There’s power in a tiny tribe.

The same is true with Klout score.

My strong score is indicative of absolutely nothing (where are those hotel upgrades we were promised?!) and of absolutely everything (engagement. continually. unseen in pageview numbers.)

It’s an indicator of consistency across myriad social media platforms in life.

It’s an indicator of the fact I do a little bit, each day, on a regular basis—precisely like fitness.  

And for my misfit brand—that’s everything.


  •  Be you blogger or brand—whats your take on the hotly debated topic which is Klout?

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